Our Philosophy

The needs of the closely held business are simple. The closely held business must...

  • comply with all federal and local tax regulatory requirements,
  • have accurate financial reporting
  • and have competent and timely professional advice. 

With Shalhoub & Company, LLC,  these needs will be met by a firm noted for the high quality of its  work. We believe in providing our clients with the most efficient and  creative professional services. Shalhoub & Company, LLC is  large enough to assure all of its clients with continuity of service,  depth and breath of experience, and a wide network of contacts in the  financial, banking and legal communities.

We are also small enough to give the close personal attention that our  clients require as part of an ongoing professional relationship. With  Shalhoub & Company, LLC as your accounting  firm, you will have immediate access to our team. We believe that the  services we provide must not only meet your current needs, but also assist you in responding to the inevitable changes in our economic and  business environments.