How We Work


A close working relationship, one that shows understanding and respect for the needs of the client, is the hallmark of our firm.

When  engaged as your accountants, we normally submit our proposed timetable  for performing fieldwork and related matters. We will schedule our time  to create minimal disruption in your day-to-day operations and ensure a  smooth transition.

We encourage contact with our clients on a  regular basis. In this way, should a minor problem arise, we can help  you prevent it from developing into a major problem.

We strive  to know everything we can about the financial and business background  and goals of our clients. This in-depth understanding, coupled with  frequent communication, will allow us to assist you in meeting your  financial goals. 

Accounting and Financial Analysis

Our  accounting and financial analysis services include preparation of  periodic (annual and interim) compilation and review of financial  statements. We review and analyze these statements with management to  evaluate the company's operating performance and business trend.

Such  financial analysis is an integral component of our services. The  comparison of basic financial statements with forecasts and projections  is an important gauge in measuring current trends. Knowing that the past  is prologue to the future, we also know that by reviewing the balance  sheet, the results of operations, and the cash flows statement,  management will have the accurate and timely financial data vital for  its decision-making process.

All too often, the issuance of financial statements marks the end of a CPA's commitment to a client. We strongly feel that what occurs after the completion of the financial  statements is equally as important. To that end, we provide assistance  for management to fully understand the implications of the financial statements taken as a whole. A fresh perspective on key strategies will  allow a company to succeed down the road to success. We want to help you  turn your problems into opportunities that you can use to your best  advantage.  

Analyzing Management Information Needs

Accurate  information is a critical weapon in today's competitive battles. Without  it, you're risking profitability and long-term growth. With it, you can  compete with confidence. Accurate information usually doesn't require a  large, expensive computer system. The key information you need for  daily business decisions is often available more quickly and more  efficiently through other simple, streamlined processes.

Our  management information analysis is a focused look at your current  reporting systems and procedures. How you measure performance against  goals. How you use information and communicate with each other. What  information you need to make better decisions, new and in the long run. 

Obtaining Financing

Are you  pushing the limits of your credit or having trouble meeting your  obligations to vendors? How are you going to pay for that new  equipment... or the development of that much-needed new product? You may be able to increase your cash flow and ease your capital pressures by  finding a new or better source of financing. A financial structure that  meets your Company's needs can make the difference between growth and  stagnation. We can help determine what financing strategy is right for  your Company. 

Developing A Business Plan

Many good  ideas die young because executives lack the experience or expertise to  develop the right business plan... one that clearly communicates how the  idea can succeed and is focused on getting the right amount of capital  for immediate and long-term objectives. As part of your planning team,  we can provide objective input on the quality, clarity, reasonableness  and thoroughness of your business plan. Active management involvement is  essential to reflect your insight and concept of the business in every  aspect of the plan development. A comprehensive, on-target business plan  includes vital information about your:


  • Business history 
  • Marketing plans 
  • Product or service 
  • Manufacturing and operations 
  • Market 
  • Management 
  • Competition 
  • Financial projections 

Developing a Budget

Can you  afford to buy that new machine? Do you need financing... and can you pay  for it? How will increased sales of a particular product affect your  profitability? While your budget should track cash flow, it should also  do a lot more... like setting benchmarks for monitoring the results of  management decisions.... or assigning responsibilities for cost and  operational control or helping you react to unanticipated events to your best advantage. 

With the  right budget, you will know if and when you'll have the cash on hand to  meet your needs; identify business problems and react to changes on a  timely basis; get information you need to make better investment and  financing decisions and evaluate the performance of critical components  in your Company! We can help you develop a budget that is responsive to  your management needs.


Cost Reduction and Monitoring

Overhead can  often put a squeeze on your profits. You can improve your cash flow and  increase your profitability by identifying costs that do not add value  to your product. For today's manufacturing, less material handling and  piece counting means more efficiency, more effectiveness and more  productivity. Our "cost reduction and monitoring review" process  evaluates your operations (e.g. purchasing and inventory management;  work scheduling and performance and cost reporting system). 

Strategic Planning

For many  enterprising businesses, planning simply isn't being done or it isn't  being done right and timely. Strategic planning can make the difference  between seat-of-the-pants survival and competitive dominance. A thorough  plan pulls together the best thinking possible about the factors that  will make your Company a success and the actions that you need to take  to make those factors a reality. 

Through  strategic planning, you'll be able to use your resources better for your  business's advantage... target your markets to increase your sales...  identify new opportunities for your products... analyze whether your  Company's operations contribute to a successful bottom line... and set  an aggressive but practical direction for your Company. The purpose of  our strategic planning assistance is to help you define your Company's  objectives... and then help you decide the action that will make  objectives a reality.  

Inventory Control

Can you  accurately track the flow of inventory through your plant or  warehouse... or are you surprised by major book-to-physical adjustments?  The solution to these problems is to establish inventory control  procedures that help you get and keep accurate and timely information  about your inventory procedures that can drastically improve your cash  flow, profitability and responsiveness. We can help you get control back  into your inventory accounting! 

Office Productivity

Have you  ever thought to streamline and simplify your Company's office procedures  to minimize paperwork, processing time and administrative costs? Are  your administrative functions delaying production or delivery of  products and services? Our approach to reviewing office productivity  applies the simplification principles developed as part of our  just-in-time manufacturing practices to the office environment. 

The main  focus is the elimination of wasted time and money in the management and  performance of administrative tasks. By providing our expertise in this  way, we can assist management in meeting its objectives and goals, and  developing alternative plans should problems arise.  


We provide  competent and timely services needed to keep our clients in compliance  with all tax regulations. We keep abreast of the latest tax developments  so that we can help minimize the overall tax burden. As needed, we will  render advice regarding the tax consequences of alternative business  choices. Should the need ever arise, we are prepared to represent you  before the Internal Revenue Service and local tax agencies.